InventCa changes ideas to reality by building prototypes for digital gadgets with all the hardware and software needed. Customers will come to InventCa to benifit of our technical knowledge, or save time on there behalf on building a working prototype.

The prototype provides proof of concept, check functionality and attract investors.

Inventors can also rent time on our machines

InventCa is your local source to build your dream.

Why to chose us :

  • Reasonable pricing.
  • We have the tools needed to build your prototype and can help you to outsource your big batches.
  • Same time zone (EST time zone).
  • Our conversations is in US English and we believe in human interaction thus we welcome any face to face/ skype meetings that usualy resolves lots of misunderstanding.
  • We are in the US and will sign NDA so you get peace of mind that non of your design is leaked through usĀ